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2019-2020 Season
** = ALTERED Schedule
You Can't Take It With You
Opens: 08/09/2019
Closes: 08/25/2019  
06/23/2019 &

The Haunting of Hill House
Opens: 09/27/2019
Closes: 10/13/2019  
08/11/2019 &

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical
Opens: 11/08/2019
Closes: 11/24/2019  
09/22/2019 &

Opens: 01/17/2020
Closes: 02/02/2020  
11/10/2019 &

Smell of the Kill
Opens: 02/28/2020
Closes: 03/15/2020  
01/19/2020 &

Bonnie and Clyde
Opens: 04/17/2020
Closes: 05/03/2020  
02/16/2020 &

<<< Little Theatre Off Broadway Proudly Presents Its 2013-14 Season >>>
Written by Ron Hutchinson
Directed by Jim LeVally
August 2 - August 25, 2013

Legendary producer David O. Selznick has shut down production of his new epic, Gone with the Wind. The screenplay doesn't work. Selznick sends for famed screenwriter Ben Hecht, who has never read the book and pulls formidable director Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard of Oz. He locks the doors, closes the shades, and on a diet of bananas and peanuts, the three men labor over five days and nights to write a screenplay that will become the blueprint for one of the most successful and beloved films of all time.

Written by Jack Sharkey
Directed by Mark E. Narens
September 20 - October 13, 2013

A fabulous mystery farce concerning newly-weds Edgar and Mavis ... Two days after their wedding Edgar discovers that Mavis - a nasty piece of work - is being unfaithful. After her first attempt to kill him by poisoning his cocoa when the cat dies instead, Mavis resorts to shooting him and then returning to her lover. Chaos and complications reign when it transpires that the shots were blanks and that Edgar's body has vanished ...

Libretto by David Ives and Paul Blake
Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
Directed by Lisa Napier-Garcia
November 15 - December 8, 2013**

A classic-style musical based on the Paramount Pictures 1954 film of the same name. Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, two iconic song-and-dance men, follow a sister act to Vermont, only to discover that the nearly-bankrupt lodge they were to perform at is owned by their former commanding general. Featured songs include: Blue Skies, Happy Holidays, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep, Sisters and White Christmas.

**Please note: There will be no performance on Saturday, Dec 7, due to Winter Lights.

Written by Lawrence Roman
Directed by Rosemary Cullison
January 24 - February 9, 2014

George and Helene Butler have raised three sons. The youngest is finally leaving the nest. They are alone together … but not for long. All three sons come charging back home after experiencing some hard knocks in the real world, and mom and dad have quite a time pushing them out again.

Written by Edward Albee
Directed by Lisa Cravens-Brown
March 7 - March 23, 2014

On a beach a middle-aged couple, relaxing after a picnic lunch, talk idly about home, family and their life together, there they are joined by two sea creatures—lizards who have decided to leave the ocean depths and come ashore. Initial fear and then suspicion of each other, are soon replaced by curiosity and, before long, the humans and the lizards (who speak admirable English) are engaged in a fascinating dialogue. The lizards are contemplating the terrifying, yet exciting, possibility of embarking on life out of the water; and the couple holds the answers to their most urgent questions.

**NOTE: DIFFERENT SCHEDULE: Will run for 3 Weekends ONLY; There will be shows ALL 3 SUNDAYS (3/9, 16, & 23) + 2 THURSDAY SHOWS (3/13 & 20).

Music Collaboration by John Du Prez and Neil Innes
"Lovingly ripped off from" the film by Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Book and lyrics by Eric Idle
April 25 - May 18, 2014

Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, SPAMALOT is a highly irreverent parody of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and features a bevy of beautiful show girls, not to mention cows, killer rabbits, and French people.

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